Just one block.

Yesterday I saw the movie, “Brittany Runs a Marathon”. It was great. There were a few parts I was like “Ehhh that could go” (i.e reference to BMI, food shame, etc. another blog post for another time), but for the sake of a movie to watch on a Saturday morning, I thought it was good.

Me at my first 5k in 2012

Me at my first 5k in 2012

The story essentially is one of a woman who goes to get her life together and decides to run a marathon. It shows a journey of being hung up on a scale, friends who don’t understand your goals, and really finding yourself in the process.

It was way too familiar.

There’s this whole scene of Brittany saying, “Just run one block”. I remember learning to run my “one block”. I remember what it felt like to run my first 5k, and then my first 10k, and then my first half marathon, and then my first marathon!

Every single one of those steps was hard.

We need to celebrate every step that feels hard.

When your friends tell you they ran “Just a 5k”, don’t down play it! Hype. Them. Up. That’s a huge deal for some humans! If your friend says they put a job application in, but they’re not sure if they’re qualified…support the heck out of them! It’s a huge first step! If you choose to give up something because it’s no longer serving you - a relationship, alcohol, a city you’re living in - celebrate those moments. That shit is hard to work through and process.

That first step translates to every part of our lives.

A few months ago, I took my first step of leaving a career field that at one point I was so sure about. It was scary. It’s still scary. But it’s been great for me. And I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the people who hyped me up along the way and still are hyping me up.

You can take that first step. Try out for that play. Lift that heavier weight. Ask that human out.

Run just that one block.

One of my favorite mantras is to “Lean into the discomfort.” We grow in the discomfort. It’s where the magic happens.

Happy Sunday folks! Happy to be back from a blogging hiatus!