date the heck out of yourself.

This past Saturday I took myself on a date.

Now, I have gone out to eat before by myself, or frequented coffee shops, or worked out alone…however, it’s been awhile since I’ve gone to do something bigger by myself. The most recent time I can remember doing something like this was when I was in graduate school and I went to see Sara Barellies by myself at the House of Blues in Orlando (#noregrets, she’s my queen),

So, Saturday I got in my Uber and headed to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center to see the Nashville Ballet’s rendition of “The Nutcracker”. As I scurried into the theater with my champagne and popcorn, dodging children and families, I found my seat, turned my phone on “Do Not Disturb” and just sat back and got as present as I could.

Sitting there watching the dancers and listening to the music was so enjoyable. My favorite part was when Clara enters a magical forest to find the Snow Queen and King do this beautiful duet, or “Pas de Deux”. I actually started crying it was so beautiful. Between the dance and the music, I was just so overcome with emotion!

During the intermission I made friends with the two gentlemen sitting next to me. It was also their first professional ballet too! During the second act, you can hear both my new friend and me audibly “Ohhh”ing and “Ahhh”ing.

It was amazing to sit and be present, with myself, and have this day just for me. Afterwards I went to wait for my Uber and walked into The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville and enjoyed the holiday decorations.

What I learned on Saturday is that we deserve to do the things that will make us happy. I found my ticket for this show significantly discounted on Stubhub and knew that I can make it work for the day. It is so important to do things for ourselves with no set agenda. While the company of friends, family, partners, and loved ones is lovely, it is sometimes so nice to just be alone. Do something for YOU.

How will you do something for YOU this month, this week, this year? Is it a coffee for an hour at that new shop? Is it a manicure? Is it a yoga class? Date yourself. You’ll be happy you did.