thank you, life.


Have I had a busy few weeks! Between work, travel, side hustlin', and enjoying the f-u-n that a Nashville summer brings I have barely caught a moment to just sit until now. 

Since March I've PR'd my half marathon, performed in an improv show, traveled for work and personal to Florida (x2), Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina (x2), New Jersey (x2), New York City, Oregon, Mexico, Massachusetts, and Indiana. I have reunited with college roommates, turned 27, celebrated other's birthdays, educated myself more through professional development opportunities, danced at 6am before work, saw JOHNNYSWIM for free, celebrated Pride at Disney, met Jeni Britton Bauer, retreated for a week with my staff, went to Mayan ruins, and became a hockey fan (Preds!). 

What I am getting at with all of this - is that - a lot of these opportunities would never have happened had I never gone through something super hard last year. All of these experiences I was surrounded by people that came into my life as a result of a hard situation. Had that never happened, the memories of my 27th birthday for instance, wouldn't have been the same, because those wonderful humans wouldn't have been in my life because I never would have gone on a retreat. Or, I wouldn't have committed myself to bigger goals and PR'd the half. I wouldn't have went to essentially a rave at 6am the week of CMAs because I met those friends, again, at the retreat. I wouldn't have had a wonderful roommate to cheer on the Preds with because I would have never moved to my current townhouse. I wouldn't have had the deep conversations I've had with a friend in a 5+ hour car ride to Indiana and back.

Say "Queso!"

Say "Queso!"

I am not the most religious - but I do believe that life has a way of playing out situations so that others can come into our lives. Life plays out so that greater experiences can come our way...and I believe that is entirely evident by the past few weeks I have had. 

Thank you, life, for working out how you are. I am so grateful for you.

"It seems like blessings keep falling in my lap"