a list of intentions for 2017.

I found myself grasping at my journal by my bedside last night to write some intentions for the year. A top 10 list if you will. From looking at my list last year, I completed 50% of the things I listed, while the other 50% did not happen because of matters beyond my control. I wouldn't say these are resolutions as I'm not a resolutions type and would rather create new habits and goals. This year actually feels like a new year and I'm excited. 

Here is my list...

1. Love - love myself, love others, spread love like confetti.

2. Say "No" - if it doesn't bring me joy at that moment, I do not need to say "yes". There is no reason to continue to fill my plate. Saying "no" can come in a variety of forms - no to something I don't believe, no to going to the gym because I don't feel great that day, no to going on a date with some I'm not interested because I "feel bad"...etc. 

3. Cut back on sugar. I have an addiction, first step is admitting it right?

4. Travel alone. By traveling alone, I mean, not on a work trip, but out of the country, somewhere new and foreign where I have to navigate it myself. I just read "Wild" and felt inspired...but not enough to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

5. Do a handstand! 

6. Continue to be kind and nonjudgmental. It is so easy when you are facing negativity in your own life to lose sight of this - we are all going through a journey, we all have a story, we all need to be kinder.

7. Cut back on social media. It's such a time kill. I need to force myself to connect with friends and family in other ways, whether it be snail mail, Facetime, or more.

8. To truly listen...and not listen to respond when in conversation to help deepen connections.

9. Continue to pursue some hobbies I've recently picked up. Intermediate improv classes this spring? Check. Get a ukulele for Christmas and use Youtube to learn? Check. Why not start something fun.

10. Be present.

Happy 2017! I'm glad you're here!