april 2016.

This year when I rung in 2016, I had the opportunity to ring it in with my sweet friend Vanessa who I have become close with over the past two (almost three) years now. We had a great evening filled with fancy cocktails, bubbly, New Years tiaras and hats, a party with people not our age, and pizza. It was positive, it was fun, it was exciting. It was how that night should always be. 

New Years Eve with Vanessa

New Years Eve with Vanessa


Looking at it retrospectively, I believe that positivity is what set me up for 2016. If you had asked me on January 1 if I would be sitting in a friend's home in Nashville, because I moved here for a job and am waiting for my apartment to be ready, writing this blog today, I would've thought that was the wildest idea.

I received a text the second week of January from a long time friend who said, 

Gabbie, I have a feeling 2016 is going to be a big year for you.

Little did we all know at the time, 2016 has already proven to be a big year for me. Within a matter of two or so months, I took a leap of fate, applied for a new job, interviewed, received an offer, gave my notice, and moved to Nashville.

The emotions around all of these changes, like with any transition, are exciting, bittersweet, scary, and a little bit of a rollercoaster. But I am excited and energized. 

It is only April, and we still have a majority of the year left. I turn 26 this month. 25 was amazing and incredible and filled with so much love, so many important relationships, amazing memories, and happiness. To think that 26 may be better? Bring it on. I am ready!

I leave you with this. Positivity and taking chances, although hard and scary at times, really makes all the difference. Seriously.

As seen on my first Nashville run from work.