you'll be okay

Sometimes life is funny and drops a figurative bomb on you when you least expect it. These moments can show themselves to be some of the hardest, loneliest, emptiest, most trying times. These moments also present themselves to be life lessons and opportunities to tune into yourself and know what you need the most and to realize that you are most important.

I want you to know that you'll be okay.

It's okay to feel selfish for the sake of taking care of yourself.

It's okay to cry on the way home from work because Adele comes on the radio. It's also okay to sing at the top of your lungs on the way home from work, no matter how awful you sound because it's tunes out the "noise" in your head.

It's okay to eat half a pan of brownies because you haven't eaten a full meal in weeks, but you deserve it.

It's okay to have such strong emotions, you're not being dramatic, you're being human.

It's okay to be angry and channel your anger into working out, work, or this year's presidential election.

It's okay to maybe use dry shampoo for a few days because the thought of getting ready for another day is dreadful. (but please take a shower for the sake of all of us)

It's okay to just start letting go, letting go of whatever baggage you're carrying, it's how you heal from whatever it is you're going through.

It's okay to tap into your friends, family, and loved ones for support - that's why they're there!

And most ultimately, it's okay to not be okay. This too shall pass.