why i stopped wearing my fitbit to yoga

The past two weeks I have been going through a lot of personal changes and challenges that I necessarily cannot change. While this is a hard pill to swallow, I have realized the importance of being present and knowing that while I cannot change the situation, I can control my reaction and how I continue to conceptualize it.

What that has meant has been feeling every emotion as it is, meditating, practicing gratitude, furthering my yoga practice, coloring, and being present through all of this.

I have always preached the importance of presence and mindfulness, but have found it hard to constantly practice it. In midst of this difficult time for me I have reconnected to being present, practicing mindfulness, expressing gratitude, and owning that this is my reality. Right now my current situation is what is true and what is real and in order to move forward it is important to own this and live through it and react in the ways that are best for me.

Last week in yoga I realized my Fitbit wasn’t charged and I had no time to charge it before I went into class. I typically wear my Fitbit to class for the sake of tracking my exercise on the app, my heartrate, calories burned, etc. What I have found though is that my Fitbit would have me checking the time while in an inversion counting down the minutes until I could run out of that 95 degree room. I wasn’t able to enjoy the class like I should. What I found last week was that without my Fitbit I could focus on what really mattered: being present. I was able to focus on my breathing, listen to the teacher’s prompts, fully meditate, and tune out the world for the 75 minutes I had with just my mat, my breath, myself and the other yogis in the community.

My yoga teacher last week prompted us with the question, “Think of an amazing thing that has happened to you this week and share it with a partner.” While I had such difficulty doing this and looked at my partner with tears in my eyes, he then followed up with, “If you can’t think of anything or have had an awful week, just know that by you being here, you being present is an amazing thing and something to be grateful for.

My challenge for you today is to be present, express gratitude, practice mindfulness, and just know that whatever is going on in your life, it is good, and it is true