one year.

This week marks a *year* of me picking up everything and moving to St. Louis. This was the first move I had made for my first professional role. I had never lived completely alone and also never moved anywhere were my social group was already formed for me (i.e college, graduate school, places where you are automatically part of a community). I didn't know anyone here and never lived anywhere were an ocean wasn't a drive away. 

This year I learned a lot. I learned how to decorate a small studio apartment and manage a carbon monoxide alarm going off. I learned there are differences between being "Alone" and "Lonely". I learned what it means to work 8 - 5pm and creating a routine around that. I learned how important communication is to me with the ones I love and care about. I learned that it's okay for things to not go as planned. I learned that some people you will naturally grow apart from, while others you become closer to in ways you never imagined. 

I am still learning how to better take care of myself and listen to my body, still learning to continue finding my confidence and my voice, learning to stop saying "I'm sorry" when it is not warranted and more.

I have no specific list or tips or advice I can give anyone from this experience, but to just live and be vulnerable. You will make mistakes, you will cry, you will laugh and you will grow. 

Cheers to a year! 

From the 4th of July in St. Louis, 2014