10 years

(Almost) 10 years ago on January 5, 2006 I sat in an art class at Arthur L. Johnson High School. Within this class, I was charged with the task to work on a "time capsule" of sorts that would be opened in 2016. While being home for break this year and cleaning out my closet (cue Eminem), I came across the time capsule and saw that it was to be opened in 2016. When I opened it, to my delight and surprise, I found screen grabs of my old Myspace page, pictures of old friends and family, ticket stubs, my old iPod case (it was a penguin), and all things of that nature. 

However, one of the most exciting things I found was a letter I wrote to myself. It actually even started with, "Dear self".

My handwriting hasn't changed much....

My handwriting hasn't changed much....

Some highlights from this letter include the following:

"This past year was probably one of the best years of my life. I was in three plays and musicals, ("Bye Bye Birdie", "The Boyfriend", and "Teresa")"

"I saw "Wicked" when star Idina Menzel, who played Elphaba, fell and broke her rib." (Yes, I really did see Idina's last performance of "Wicked")

"The new Harry Potter book came out this summer too. I read it in two days. Dumbledore died." (Sorry if I spoiled anything...it has been 10 years).

"MySpace is really popular and so is AIM. I use LiveJournal too :)."

"Laguna Beach is my FAVORITE show. Well that's '05 in a nutshell! I'll see this letter again when I'm 25! P.S - please don't be ugly in 10 years." (Sad things that are important to a 15 year old girl). 

Reading this letter gave me such delight. At 15 years old, I decided that the future me needed to know how important theater, friends, family, Harry Potter, LC and Kristen, music, and more were to me at that time (some of that is still relevant today...) . This is what my life was about and this is what I wanted to share.

This got me thinking, what would I write to my 35 year old self now? 

I think I would share and tell myself the following:

  • Friendships will come and go. The best friendships will be the ones where you are able to sit down with a friend like no time has passed. These people are your constants.
  • Life can be really hard. Your journey though, is different than others. Don't compare yourself.
  • Moving to new cities for different opportunities have been some of the biggest years of your life - you've learned a lot about yourself, grown a lot, and become more mature. Continue to remember this. 
  • Take care of your self. Whether it is through exercise, therapy, a hobby, personal connections, etc. it is most important and you are most important.
  • If you are a wife or a mother in 2026, do it with your whole heart and love fully. Even when times get rough, love will conquer all.
  • Lastly, love yourself. You've learned time and time again that you are not perfect and never will be. This is okay. By continuing to love yourself and embrace your imperfections, you can continue to live the most authentic life.

If you had to write yourself a letter for the year 2026 what would you say to yourself?

This year my sorority sister Julie got me for Secret Santa and got me a book that you can write future letters to yourself and insert them in the pockets. I hope to write a handwritten letter addressed to me in 10 years that I can put away in this book.

Happy New Year! May 2016 be healthy, prosperous, and filled with love and joy!

This would've been me the year I wrote that letter (circa late 2005)

This would've been me the year I wrote that letter (circa late 2005)